January 21, 2021

‘Top-class idiots’: Why a demoted Kim Yo Jong still has the power to slam Seoul

One day, Kim Yo Jong is demoted. The next, she’s speaking for all of the DPRK as the state’s foreign policy mouthpiece.

Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean leader’s famous sister, appeared to fall from grace when she was abruptly demoted from the country’s powerful Political Bureau over the weekend. But only a few days later, she hurled insults at Seoul in scathing state media remarks, calling South Koreans “top-class idiots” and leading some experts to believe that she’s actually emerging as an up-and-coming figure.

On Wednesday, Kim reportedly complained about how the South Korean military said it was “closely monitoring” a potential North Korean military parade. In her view, it’s none of Seoul’s business: “South Koreans are truly a bunch of weirdos” with “nothing better to do” than watch the DPRK, she said.