September 27, 2023

The ‘80-day battle’ until 2021: What’s next for North Korea this year

Kim Jong Un's focus may seem like it's on the economy, but it's really on his new ICBM and the White House, experts say

The long-awaited Oct. 10 military parade has come and gone, but North Korea is not taking a break. The country has commenced its “80-day battle” productivity campaign to prepare for yet another major milestone: The Eighth Party Congress, the highest decision-making body of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), in Jan. 2021.

With the 75th WPK founding anniversary over, domestic propaganda appears focused on Pyongyang’s “80-day battle” preparations for the upcoming Party Congress. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s emotional speech during celebrations on Saturday emphasized that the leadership’s first and foremost goal is now to make its people’s life “sufficient and civilized.” A new five-year economic plan will be announced at the January Congress to achieve that goal, he said.