June 03, 2023

Filmmaker spends 10 years secretly recording North Korea’s shady dealings

“The Mole” shows DPRK officials trying to sell weapons and drug ingredients through the Korean Friendship Association

In 2016, a Danish documentary film director teamed up with two actors who would pretend to be interested in buying weapons and drug components from North Korea. For the next three years, the undercover actors flew around the world to meet with North Korean officials and foreign businessmen, touching down in Pyongyang, Beijing, Uganda, Jordan, Cambodia and even Spain.

Their journey is documented in Director Mads Brügger’s new film, “The Mole,” a three-episode documentary series that uses more than 10 years of secretly-recorded footage and debuts on Sunday. Leveraging hidden cameras, the film shares illegal triangle-trade deals to smuggle Russian oil into the DPRK, underground arms factories on a private Ugandan island and sales meetings on North Korean weapons initially intended for Syria.