October 01, 2020

North Korea is targeting China with increasingly-aggressive propaganda on Weibo

Posts on Weibo's NewDPRK and I Take You to Koryo accounts promote vignettes of Pyongyang life and anti-U.S. sentiment

North Korean propaganda is making its presence known on Chinese social media lately, with aggressive campaigns highlighting everything from state media articles to rosy vignettes of life in Pyongyang on Weibo.

NewDPRK, a Weibo account that has more than 500,000 followers, regularly comments on international news and shares videos featuring attractive, young North Korean women visiting places in North Korea’s capital, including a hamburger restaurant and a horse riding club. The account — formerly known as DPRKToday on Weibo, which is also the name of a North Korean state media outlet — is one of two accounts suspected of being directly linked to the DPRK.