September 29, 2020

Human rights groups condemn South Korean government’s border-area press tour

Human rights groups accuse the unification ministry of painting their activism in a negative light to foreign reporters

Multiple North Korea human rights groups criticized South Korea's Ministry of Unification for orchestrating a government press tour to Ganghwa Island, where journalists were introduced to locals who accused activists of threatening their safety and livelihood.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Unification (MOU) drove three busloads of foreign correspondents to Seongmo Island in Ganghwa with the apparent goal of showcasing local residents irritated by activist's border-area bottle launches towards North Korea. Some human rights groups regularly visit the area to throw two-liter water bottles filled with rice into the sea -- sometimes also containing items such as the bibles, medicine or USBs carrying forbidden foreign media. Their hope is that the tides will carry the goods over to DPRK territory.