December 07, 2023

N.Korea counters doubts with ‘miniaturized’ bomb photo

Photos show Pyongyang is well-aware of skepticism regarding its ability to use nukes

Can North Korea mate a nuclear weapon to a ballistic missile? Pyongyang wants to assure the world that North Korea does indeed have this capability. On March 9, the Rodong Sinmun released a series of images showing three things: one, a compact implosion type device; two, a sketch of the warhead design; three, the ballistic missile systems designated to carry the nuclear warhead. Shortly after the Rodong Sinmun release, a YouTube channel associated with North Korea’s televised media released a video revealing more of Kim’s visit.

From the images shown during the visit, we can assess more about North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and how Pyongyang would like the rest of the world to view its program.