August 19, 2022

The plot to smuggle 100 kg of ‘N. Korean’ meth into America

The larger-than-life attempt to bring (allegedly) DPRK-made drugs into the U.S. and what it tells us about N.Korea’s links to the international drug trade

It was the 27th of August, and on the dock at New York City’s southern district court Scott Stammers was pleading guilty of planning to bring 100 kilograms of crystal meth – allegedly made in North Korea – into the United States. If sold on the streets, it’s estimated the drugs would have been worth $6 million.

A British citizen, Stammers was on trial with his alleged accomplices in the scheme: Philip Shackels, also a Brit, Ye Tiong Tan Lim, Allan Kelly Peralta Reyes – Chinese and Filipino respectively – and Adrian Valkovic of Slovakia. All have pleaded guilty with the exception of Shackels, who is set to take the stand any day now.