February 24, 2024

War is Peace: North Korea’s ongoing nuclear threat show

How Pyongyang initiates nuclear brinksmanship charade, international community follows along

During the last decade many people interested in North Korea have regularly (about every a year and a half or so) observed a “nuclear war” show, during which the DPRK threatens to nuke Seoul, Japan or the United States (or maybe all three). The scenario of this show is well-known to everyone interested in the subject and looks more or less like this:

PYONGYANG: Because of the vicious provocations of American imperialism and the south Korean puppets the situation on the Korean Peninsula is critical! War is imminent! (Proceeds with a nuclear test or a rocket launch) We will turn Seoul in the sea of fire! We will obliterate the traitorous clique of (name of current South Korean president)! Our Leader is the greatest, we will be ever-victorious!