December 04, 2022

From satellites to novels: New names in North Korean studies, part 3

Insights into N. Korea through satellite imagery, fiction, famine analysis and nationalism studies

This is the third installment of the NK News feature dedicated to innovative, new and lesser-known authors.

This week we present scholars who have described North Korea by approaching alternative topics: David Shim has recently authored a ground-breaking compendium of imagery of North Korea. Hyejin Kim has given voice to a number of defectors, crafting their testimony into a novel; Emma Campbell has recently posed questions related to the notion of accountability and collective responsibility for all North Koreans regarding human rights abuses, while also exploring the issue of Korean nationalism; and Sandra Fahy analyzes the history and meaning of North Korea's famine in the 1990s through the testimony of defectors in South Korea and Japan, illustrating how North Korean society changed in the process of survival.