October 01, 2023

High-level talks: A North-South turn for the better?

"Geopolitical and business sense alike to move on from the sad and self-defeating stasis of the past eight years"

Like in my own country, the weather in Korea can change very quickly. The political weather, I mean. The literal weather in Korea is much more predictable; unlike in the UK, where it can rain at any time – and is currently raining pretty much all of the time. But I digress.

Call me an idiot, but suddenly I’m just a little bit excited. You’d think I’d have learnt by now, after so many let-downs and false dawns down the years. A triumph of hope over expectation, probably: heart over head. We’ll soon see. By the time you read this, or shortly after, I may well have egg on my face as yet another inter-Korean encounter ends in stalemate or tears.