December 09, 2023

Kim Jong Un appearances continue to focus on sports-economy

“Kim Jong Un’s Sports Economy on show in September 2013 public appearances”

Kim Jong Un’s made 17 reported public appearances in September 2013, with much of his public schedule focused on the DPRK economy. Kim Jong Un made 11 on-site visits to the construction or renovation of housing and public welfare facilities, a masonry supplier and a fishery.  He conducted two military field inspections, both at KPA units stationed in the West (Yellow) Sea and attended two concerts, both of which were given by art squads of the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces.

Kim attended only one national event in September--a military parade of the DPRK’s reserve military training units and demonstration by Pyongyang citizens to mark the 65th anniversary of the country’s foundation. Kim Jong Un also attended two sports competitions, which included him meeting with foreign dignitaries. 13 of his 17 reported public appearances occurred in Pyongyang or the surrounding areas.