December 07, 2023

Young, Reckless Leaders: History Repeats Itself in North Korea

Former philosophy student of Kim Il Sung university reveals the similarities between contemporary inter-Korean tensions and those during the 1970s

By Hyun In-ae, HRNK Resident Fellow

Since North Korea threatened to launch what it called a “preemptive nuclear strike” against South Korea, the international community has become extremely concerned. However, South Korea, the target of North Korea’s rhetoric, is actually a lot quieter than expected. Despite the stock market‘s momentary fluctuation, it soon stabilized and there are no reports of terrified citizens stockpiling ramen noodles. On the other hand, it is reported that in North Korea that cars drive with camouflage netting on top, and people worry about the possibility of a nuclear strike in Pyongyang; many North Koreans fear that war could break out again at any moment.