December 07, 2023

Kim Jong Un’s New Year Speech: What it Really Means (Part 2 of 2)

North Korea's former poet laureate takes a look at Kim Jong Un's New Years Speech - it seems this year is all about strengthening legitimacy, not economic reform or bold foreign policy.

North Korea's vision for 2013: as seen through Kim Jong Un's new year speech

Kim Jong Un's new year speech contains two thematic halves. The first half summarizes the events and accomplishments of 2012 while the second half lays down objectives for the year ahead. The summary of 2012 boasts of the nation's political stability and unity after Kim Jong-il's death. It also pays special attention to the successful rocket launch. The most important part of a new year speech, however, is the second half, in which objectives are set for the coming year. Traditionally, this section is divided into five parts and this year's speech is no exception.