September 25, 2020

Is Wrestlemania Returning To North Korea?

Japanese pro-wrestler Antonio Inoki is back in the DPRK, holding talks with senior leadership and attending Judo tournaments.

WASHINGTON DC – Antonio Inoki, a popular Japanese ex-profesional wrestler and former Upper House politician is currently leading a Japanese delegation in Pyongyang.  Having met with secretary of the Korean Worker’s Party Kim Yong Il and today watched a high profile bout between Japanese and North Korean judoists, the purpose of Inoki’s visit is as of yet unclear.

Aside from his experience in North Korea, Inoki is also well known for having fought Muhammad Ali in 1976, being elected to the Japanese senate, and personally going to Iraq to free Japanese journalists during Operation Desert Storm.  His visit comes on the back of increased DPRK-Japan bilateral negotiation and the recent return of Japanese sushi chef Kenji Fujimoto.