September 26, 2023

Activists Organize Committee on Kim Young-hwan’s Torture

Members of a group that had worked for the release last month of South Korean activist Kim Young-hwan, who was tortured and detained in China by Chinese authorities for over 100 days, held a press conference and demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in Seoul this morning at which they announced that they were going to form a committee. The purpose of the task force is to draw up and implement countermeasures to the torture of Kim.

Participants included about 20 leading local human rights activists such as Lee Jae Gyo (Attorney, President of Zeitgeist), Dr. Yun Yeo Sang (President of Database Center for North Korean Human Rights), Heo Hyun Jun (Executive Secretary of Tongyong Daughters Movement) and Ha Tae-kyung (National Assemblyman and former head of Open Radio for North Korea).