December 08, 2022

Could U.S. Special Forces Really Inflitrate North Korea?

What would be required to make recent (reported) statements by Army Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley a reality from a tactical and technological standpoint?   The recent article in The Diplomat asserting that U.S. forces were entering North Korea for intelligence gathering purposes generated a lot of publicity. In this piece, we will take a quick look at many of the tactical and some technological issues involved in infiltrating any country.

Quite aside from the political issues (sovereignty, Causus Belli, etc), there were many technological breakthroughs assumed in the article.  And even if the speech was in hypothetical terms, there are still some technology breakthroughs required.  The bold, underlined, italicized portions represent the greatest breakthroughs that would be required for a successful infiltration of the DPRK using the means suggested by BG Tolley: