December 05, 2023

North Korean Security Challenges: A Net Assessment

by Kevin Hitchroy

Last week, the International Institute for Strategic Studies launched North Korean Security Challenges: A Net Assessment. The latest strategic dossier from the centre examines North Korea’s military might and its threat to the Korean peninsula. At the launch event, Mark Fitzpatrick, Director of the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme and Editor of the dossier, argued that Seoul’s toleration of North Korea’s hostile actions has come to end and the succession of Kim Jung Un remains uncertain. Yet, North Korea remains the most militarised country on earth and increasingly relies on state security apparatus to keep the Kim dynasty in power. These factors combine to exacerbate the potential for conflict, according to Fitzpatrick. He also stressed that North Korea’s nuclear weapons have greater value as a diplomatic bargaining tool than offensive weapon, suggesting the country will continue to expand its nuclear arsenal and delivery systems.