December 09, 2023

Kim Jong-un’s Catchphrase?

How Kim Jong-un will rise to power is the subject of supposition. ‘How’, in the sense that he still has a few hurdles to clear before being secure in his position,- a testy military and/or pitchfork-wielding peasants, and ‘how’, in terms of which ‘catchphrase’ might accompany his rise to power.

Some observers are wondering how Kim Jong-un will build up any sort of credibility in the limited time between now and the demise of his father.  Kim Jong-il spent years in the shadow of his father, all the while utilizing the press to the fullest extent to provide coverage of him pointing at things, discussing improvements in agriculture, visiting the military, and otherwise building a legitimate reputation as a gifted individual capable of leading the nation.  In contrast, Kim Jong-un has yet to burgeon into the subject of wily propaganda campaigns in the same way as his father.   In 2009 he was only a rumor and his existence was made official as of early 2010.  But does time in the spotlight even matter?