December 05, 2023

A Whole Range of Missiles

With the world watching, North Korea’s 65th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Workers Party was the perfect opportunity for the country to display its military capabilities and newly developed weapons systems.  Thus on Sunday, Kim Jong Un, the DPRK’s newest four-star general, was presented with a highly orchestrated and lengthy performance of pomp and North Korean military splendor.  Aside from his presence, it was also interesting to note three new missiles systems being displayed at the parade, suggesting North Korea’s missile research and design teams have been both working hard to both refine and diversify current options.

First of the missile systems on parade wasthe Musudan Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM); the second, a suspected variant of the Rodong / NoDong (an extended range, multi-engine SCUD); and the third, a suspected new range of surface-to-air missiles.