August 10, 2020

Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

Border area officials visit defector's house, ban fueling of anti-DPRK balloons

Incheon also said it reached out to four NGOs to warn against sending anti-regime leaflets or rice bottles North

Jeongmin Kim June 17, 2020

South Korea will not tolerate insults, aggression from the North: Blue House

ROK army also warns DPRK will "pay the price" should it escalate tensions

Jeongmin Kim June 17, 2020

"No future" for inter-Korean relations, top North Korean officials declare

Kim Yo Jong says South "subservient" to U.S., while Jang Kum Chol closes door on all contacts

Colin Zwirko June 16, 2020

North Korean media says it's now "too late" for the South to avoid a crisis

DPRK citizens ready to "exterminate" defectors and take revenge against Seoul, Rodong Sinmun article warns

Jeongmin Kim June 16, 2020

Death of the dream? Dark clouds loom over Moon's hopes for North-South relations

Sacrificing democratic values to salvage relations with the North threatens to sour the President’s legacy

Jumin Lee June 15, 2020

North Koreans ready to blow up inter-Korean liaison office, state media says

On 20th anniversary of historic June 15 declaration, DPRK media warns of looming "retaliation" against the ROK

Jeongmin Kim June 15, 2020

North Korea warns of "painful" consequences for South Korea as tensions mount

Head of DPRK's United Front Department dismisses ROK efforts to stop anti-regime leaflets being sent North as insincere

Oliver Hotham June 12, 2020

South Korean government to cut budget for defector resettlement this year: MOU

Move linked to declining numbers of escapees making it to the South, unification ministry insists

Jeongmin Kim June 12, 2020

South Korea to file legal complaint against NGOs sending leaflets to the North

Activist promises to continue leaflet launches, however, amid growing inter-Korean tensions over the issue

Jeongmin Kim June 10, 2020

Shigeru Yokota, crusader for Japanese abducted by North Korea, dies at 87

Father of Megumi Yokata passed away Friday following decades-long fight to repatriate daughter from the DPRK

Kosuke Takahashi June 9, 2020
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