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July 21, 2024


Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a research fellow at the Sejong Institute. His work focuses on North Korean politics, the economy and society. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna.


When North Korea experimented, unsuccessfully, with old-school Keynesianism

Facing crises, the DPRK attempted a crude imitation of the early 20th century economist's ideas

Peter WardPeter WardOctober 17, 2018

One country, two systems: explaining North Korea’s dual exchange rates

A legacy of the DPRK's past, the current system has some practical benefits

Peter WardPeter WardOctober 12, 2018

Masters of the farm: North Korea’s new agricultural entrepreneurs

The "Field Responsibility System" gives bosses much greater incentives to innovate

Peter WardPeter WardOctober 8, 2018

Paid in full: North Korea’s changing wage system

Official sources suggest employers have increased freedom to hand out bonuses and benefits

Peter WardPeter WardOctober 1, 2018

Could North Korea really join the International Monetary Fund?

The benefits are clear, but meeting the requirements would be too risky for Pyongyang

Peter WardPeter WardSeptember 27, 2018

Markets under Kim Jong Un: understanding the new scope of DPRK enterprise

Official publications point to a growth in the range of transactions that SOEs can engage in

Peter WardPeter WardSeptember 25, 2018

The Pyongyang Joint Declaration: some key takeaways

While missiles will grab headlines, the economic component may prove the most consequential

Peter WardPeter WardSeptember 19, 2018

How North Korea fits into China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Obstacles to joining BRI remain despite existing investment relationship

Peter WardPeter WardSeptember 6, 2018

How N. Korean literature offers hints at major agricultural reforms taking place

Subtle mentions of reforms in past years point to emphasis on science-based system

Peter WardPeter WardSeptember 3, 2018

What McDonald’s can teach us about the North Korean economy

There are some unlikely parallels between the Golden Arches and the DPRK's nascent private sector

Peter WardPeter WardAugust 19, 2018
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