January 26, 2020


Oliver Hotham

Oliver Hotham is Managing Editor of NK News. Follow him on Twitter @oliverhotham or email tips to [email protected]


UN extends UNICEF sanctions exemption amid “unanticipated” logistical challenges

Equipment set to help North Korean women in childbirth and treat flood victims, among other projects

Oliver Hotham December 9, 2019

The fifth Kim-Xi summit: what we learned

Both sides sought to project the image of an ironclad alliance unfazed by international pressure

Oliver Hotham June 22, 2019

“A new path” of socialist construction: North Korean street propaganda in March

DPRK continues to push heavy focus on the economy in street-level messaging, photos suggest

Oliver Hotham April 5, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s delegation to Hanoi: who’s who?

From seasoned diplomats to economic technocrats, the DPRK leader brings a diverse team

Oliver Hotham February 24, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s January activities: starting the year with a speech and a summit

The DPRK leadership appears to have high hopes for 2019

Oliver Hotham February 13, 2019

What to expect from a second Kim-Trump summit in Vietnam

Due to recent working-level momentum, both sides may go into this meeting optimistic

Oliver Hotham February 6, 2019

The fourth Sino-DPRK summit: what we learned

Beijing and Pyongyang emerge from this meeting closer than ever

Oliver Hotham January 10, 2019

What to expect from Kim Jong Un’s fourth visit to China

DPRK leader likely to use meeting to bolster traditional ties with Beijing ahead of second summit with U.S.

Oliver Hotham January 8, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s December activities: wrapping up 2018 with a low-key month

The DPRK leader chose to devote the final month of the year to on-the-spot guidances and photo-ops

Oliver Hotham January 3, 2019

The New Year’s speech: what it means for the DPRK’s diplomacy and economy

Kim Jong Un's address served to re-emphasize the key themes of his leadership in 2018

Oliver Hotham| Peter Ward January 1, 2019