May 22, 2024


Marialaura De Angelis

Marialaura De Angelis

Marialaura is an international relations analyst with a solid expertise on Japan and the Northeast Asia region. A passionate advocate for peaceful conflict resolution, she has been involved in peacebuilding on the Korean Peninsula since 2008. In 2014 she co-founded the NGO Track2Asia.


How great power competition is shaping North Korea’s grand strategy

Rejection of unification and foreign policy changes reflect DPRK’s effort to find new way forward amid US-China rivalry

Marialaura De AngelisMarialaura De AngelisFebruary 27, 2024

How a neglected North Korea report offers a path forward for US policy

William Perry’s review still holds vital lessons on engaging the DPRK as it is, not how Washington wishes it to be

Marialaura De AngelisMarialaura De AngelisMay 11, 2023

Why normalizing US-North Korea relations is a prerequisite for denuclearization

By treating the North Korean issue exclusively as a nonproliferation concern, the US sets itself up for failure

Marialaura De AngelisMarialaura De AngelisMarch 20, 2023

How US-China rivalry impedes North Korea’s denuclearization

Great power competition is creating a dangerous regional divide, pushing Pyongyang further into Beijing’s orbit

Marialaura De AngelisMarialaura De AngelisSeptember 19, 2022

Japan dangerously out of step on North Korea as it flirts with rearmament

Tokyo has aligned closer to US rather than embrace multilateralism, a move likely to worsen its security situation

Marialaura De AngelisMarialaura De AngelisJune 24, 2022

East Asia is changing. So should the way Washington, Seoul and Tokyo cooperate.

The US should offer security and economic guarantees that empower allies to commit to its vision of the region

Marialaura De AngelisMarialaura De AngelisMay 13, 2022

Japan’s next leader has a chance to reshape the country’s North Korea policy

Tokyo has long insisted on resolving the abduction issue first, but the public increasingly prioritizes denuclearization

Glyn FordGlyn Ford | Marialaura De AngelisSeptember 27, 2021