September 26, 2023


Joost Oliemans

Joost Oliemans

Joost Oliemans is a specialist focused on DPRK military capabilities. He co-authors the Oryx blog.


Infographic: North Korean parade reveals more new military tech than ever before

More new military equipment introduced at October 10 parade than any other parade in recent DPRK history

Joost OliemansJoost Oliemans | Stijn MitzerOctober 11, 2020

In aid of Juche: how Cuban anti-submarine helicopters ended up in North Korea

The DPRK attempted to rectify its rudimentary ASW capabilities by dealing with Havana in the early 2000s


North Korea’s foundation day military parade: What’s new?

North Korea's latest parade lacked missiles, though there were plenty of new developments

Joost OliemansJoost Oliemans | Stijn MitzerSeptember 9, 2018

North Korea’s latest Scud missile test: A carrier killer?

Scud-based high-precision ballistic missile test confirms diversification of North Korea's strategic rocket forces, yet capabilities remain unclear


North Korea’s Pongae-5 anti-air missile: What do we know?

Overshadowed by a missile test, the introduction of potent new air defense system is a significant domestic achievement


North Korea’s April 15 parade: Big missiles, yes – but also small arms

The 2017 parade in Pyongyang revealed several new types of small arms, some patterned after suspiciously modern designs


In depth: the weapons on show at North Korea’s April 15 military parade

North Korea showcases new developments from its Strategic Rocket Forces, alongside older hardware

Joost OliemansJoost Oliemans | Stijn MitzerApril 15, 2017

How N. Korea’s new APCs highlight the KPA’s continued modernization

New generation of armored personnel carriers signals ongoing upgrade of DPRK ground forces

Joost OliemansJoost Oliemans | Stijn MitzerMarch 28, 2017

A Navy reborn: New warships spotted in North Korea

Exclusive HD photos reveal secretive new class of large warships with advanced capabilities set to enter service

Joost OliemansJoost Oliemans | Stijn MitzerNovember 8, 2016

On the upgrade: North Korea’s rotary cannons

New types of indigenously built rotary cannons are quickly replacing older weaponry, indicating continued modernisation

Joost OliemansJoost Oliemans | Stijn MitzerOctober 14, 2016