February 25, 2024


James Fretwell

James Fretwell

James Fretwell was an analyst at NK News.

What If?

What if South Korea gets the bomb?

Nuclear weapons would help Seoul deter North Korea but could invite devastating sanctions and undermine US-ROK alliance

James FretwellJames FretwellJanuary 18, 2023
What If?

What if North Korea just gave up its nukes?

The US and South Korea have no interest in invading a non-nuclear DPRK, but Kim would still clamp down on his own people

James FretwellJames FretwellJanuary 3, 2023

Unfinished business: Overlooked developments of North Korea’s busy missile year

DPRK has yet to test an array of desired capabilities, while the succession question remains publicly unresolved

James FretwellJames FretwellDecember 30, 2022

China ends quarantine for arrivals, removing barrier to accessing North Korea

Decision could put pressure on DPRK to relax its own border controls, though it has yet to indicate it will do so

James FretwellJames FretwellDecember 27, 2022

Japan’s counterstrike plans raise need to coordinate with Seoul on North Korea

Some South Koreans fear Tokyo could carry out strikes against DPRK without consulting Seoul

James FretwellJames FretwellDecember 21, 2022

The Korean War armistice sets a foreboding precedent for Ukraine

Some foresee Russia’s invasion ending with an agreement like the one that solidified the division of the peninsula

James FretwellJames FretwellDecember 19, 2022

How Seoul could drag Washington into a war with North Korea

The US has often had to talk the South out of retaliating over the decades, a risk that has returned as tensions grow

James FretwellJames FretwellDecember 12, 2022

State media silence fosters uncertainty around COVID vaccinations in North Korea

DPRK has yet to confirm reports it’s administering Chinese doses, two months after Kim first mentioned inoculation plans

James FretwellJames FretwellNovember 16, 2022

Not even Joe Biden is convinced China can rein in North Korea

President warns Xi of increased military presence if DPRK tests nuke, but unclear if China wants to or can pressure DPRK

James FretwellJames FretwellNovember 15, 2022

How the US and North Korea teamed up to fight a common enemy — pirates

A US destroyer answered a distress call from the DPRK’s Dai Hong Dan off the Somali coast 15 years ago

James FretwellJames FretwellNovember 1, 2022
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