February 27, 2024


James Fretwell

James Fretwell

James Fretwell was an analyst at NK News.


What awaits US soldier Travis King in North Korean detention

Pyongyang subjects detainees to grueling interrogations, and a few tragic cases show that not everyone escapes unscathed

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 25, 2023

How South Korea seeks to lure the next high-level North Korean defector

Evidence suggests Seoul is dangling jobs and rewards, but so far it’s getting more small fries than big fish

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 21, 2023

The other American soldiers who defected to North Korea and came to regret it

Past defectors fled punishment similar to recent border-crosser Travis King, and their fates may reflect on his

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 19, 2023

Seoul and Kyiv say Korean War is like conflict in Ukraine, and not alike at all

Leaders have underlined similarities when it aligns with their interests, while seeking to avoid a Korean-style division

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 18, 2023

When North Korea followed through on threats to shoot down a US spy plane

EC-121 incident led US to consider nuke strikes, showing how Kim Yo Jong’s recent warnings could spiral into conflict

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 13, 2023

What Seoul seeks to achieve by publishing report on North Korean human rights

Speakers at unification ministry event call for pressuring DPRK and China, but raising awareness likely won’t be enough

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 12, 2023

What Yoon’s controversial unification minister pick means for inter-Korean ties

North Korea likely to condemn Kim Yung-ho’s appointment, as Yoon remakes what he has disparaged as DPRK ‘aid ministry’

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 7, 2023

Inside North Korea’s strategy to stop defections by officials stranded abroad

The regime uses family as collateral and encourages snitching to prevent escapes, which could pick up ahead of reopening

James FretwellJames FretwellJune 23, 2023

What to make of reports that hungry North Koreans are resorting to cannibalism

Food shortages have likely worsened during COVID, and the longer this goes on, the more desperate the situation becomes

James FretwellJames FretwellJune 16, 2023

As China’s demands to Seoul multiply, hopes for cooperation on North Korea dim

Beijing reportedly issued 4 new conditions for improving ties last month, but Yoon is placing his bets on US and Japan

James FretwellJames FretwellJune 8, 2023
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