February 27, 2024


James Fretwell

James Fretwell

James Fretwell was an analyst at NK News.


Bending the rules: How Russia could justify helping North Korea’s space program

Moscow may try to reinterpret UN sanctions to make good on offer of aid, though experts say their cooperation has limits

James FretwellJames FretwellSeptember 14, 2023

When Putin met the Kims: 20 years of armored trains and opulence

A look at leaders’ summits as reports swirl of upcoming meeting between Russian president and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

James FretwellJames FretwellSeptember 7, 2023

Bill Richardson, governor who helped free Americans from North Korea, dies at 75

‘Undersecretary for thugs’ traveled to DPRK and other authoritarian countries to advocate for detained citizens

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | James FretwellSeptember 4, 2023

If Travis King hoped to escape racism in North Korea, he went to the wrong place

DPRK opportunistically criticizes American racism but insists on ethnic purity to point of carrying out forced abortions

James FretwellJames FretwellAugust 18, 2023

North Korea breaks its silence on Travis King, but leaves his fate up in the air

DPRK uses American soldier’s case to take swipe at US, while suggesting it may wash its hands of ‘intruder’ in the end

James FretwellJames FretwellAugust 16, 2023

Overseas North Koreans face lengthy reeducation when borders open, defectors say

Pyongyang will be extremely suspicious of those who have lived abroad for years during pandemic, escapees tell NK News

James FretwellJames FretwellAugust 15, 2023

Long before Travis King, Panmunjom tours had a history of death and defections

Both North Korea and UN Command use tours to promote their version of history, but sometimes things don’t go to plan

James FretwellJames FretwellAugust 10, 2023

What recent delegation visits reveal about North Korea’s evolving COVID playbook

DPRK appears willing to bend rules for its friends, while still citing virus fears to keep out those deemed troublesome

James FretwellJames FretwellAugust 4, 2023

How a last-ditch attempt to unify Korea cemented an all but permanent division

Geneva Conference sought to replace armistice agreement that ended Korean War, but only succeeded in splitting Vietnam

James FretwellJames FretwellAugust 1, 2023

Kim Jong Un wants North Koreans to know: China and Russia love his nukes

DPRK used parade to show citizens suffering under pandemic controls that its massive military spending is all worth it

James FretwellJames FretwellJuly 28, 2023
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