July 02, 2020


James Byrne

James Byrne is a Research Fellow at RUSI’s Proliferation and Nuclear Policy programme. His research interests include North Korea’s illicit shipping and procurement networks, open-source intelligence and analysis. He previously worked for the South Korean government.


South Korean firm repeatedly tied to North Korea-linked ship-to-ship transfers

ROK company implicated in encounters with DPRK-flagged and UNSC-designated vessels


Risky ventures: the London company embroiled in a North Korean coal scandal

Amet Ventures insists it has been framed, though its owner had ties to Ukrainian coal smuggling

James Byrne| Leo Byrne September 5, 2018

On Liberty: the sanctioned company working with South Korea and Japan

Newly designated DPRK-linked Hong Kong company has sent ships to South Korea and Japan for years

James Byrne| Leo Byrne March 12, 2018

Dandong company involved in coal, North Korean labor, and shipping clothes to U.S.: investigation

Research finds a large Chinese company at the heart of international network

James Byrne| Leo Byrne January 15, 2018

London calling: UK shell companies in North Korea’s networks

Investigation shows how London companies own ships visiting Chinese and DPRK coal ports

James Byrne| Leo Byrne December 21, 2017

Mapped: North Korea’s oil routes

North Korea takes Russian oil while China's crude cut-off seems increasingly unlikely

James Byrne| Leo Byrne August 28, 2014

Crude cut-off into fifth month as China ships oil-products to North Korea

Chinese customs data shows spike in oil product deliveries in first five months of 2014

James Byrne| Leo Byrne July 14, 2014