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Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot has been the host of the NK News Podcast since episode 1 in February 2018. He has interviewed a wide range of guests about their knowledge of and experience in North Korea, from celebrity defectors to high-ranking U.S. government officials. His goal is to help as wide a cross-section of North Korea-related stories as possible be told, in order to build up a fuller picture. Jacco has a Master of Arts from Leiden University, for which he wrote a thesis on North Korean graphic novels.

North Korea News Podcast

FHRNK: Cold War agitprop in the age of social media – NKNews Podcast ep. 7

This week, Chad O'Carroll discusses a mysterious network spreading anti-North graphics on the net

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 19, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Diplomacy from down under – from Canberra to Pyongyang – NKNews Podcast ep. 6

This week, Dr. Adrian Buzo discusses his time as an Australian diplomat in North and South Korea

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 14, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Fire, fury and diplomacy: A breakthrough in Washington? – NKNews Podcast ep. 5

Andrei Lankov joins the Seoul team in analyzing upcoming Trump-KJU meeting

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 9, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Peace Olympics? Inter-Korean rapprochement at PyeongChang – NKNews Podcast ep. 4

This week, the NK News Seoul team delves into ongoing developments in DPRK-ROK relations

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 5, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Frenemies? DPRK-Russia relations over the years – NKNews Podcast ep. 3

This week, Professor Georgy D. Toloraya discusses Moscow and Pyongyang's unique diplomatic history

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootFebruary 26, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

On thin ice: the U.S. and the two Koreas in PyeongChang – NKNews Podcast ep. 2

This week, we bring in members of our NK News team to weigh in on the happenings at PyeongChang

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootFebruary 15, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

NK News launches new weekly podcast – NKNews Podcast ep. 1

In pilot episode, NK News interviews DPRK expert Andrei Lankov on his recent trip to Yanji and more

Christina LeeChristina Lee | Jacco ZwetslootFebruary 12, 2018
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