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Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot has been the host of the NK News Podcast since episode 1 in February 2018. He has interviewed a wide range of guests about their knowledge of and experience in North Korea, from celebrity defectors to high-ranking U.S. government officials. His goal is to help as wide a cross-section of North Korea-related stories as possible be told, in order to build up a fuller picture. Jacco has a Master of Arts from Leiden University, for which he wrote a thesis on North Korean graphic novels.

North Korea News Podcast

Destination DPRK: the ethics of North Korea tourism – NKNews Podcast ep.11

A frequent visitor discusses the ethics of visiting the DPRK and shares some of her experiences

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootApril 9, 2018

Why the Korean War matters today – NKNews Podcast ep. 10

Kathryn Weathersby examines a conflict in which millions died and its meaning today

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootApril 2, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Mr. Kim goes to Beijing – NKNews Podcast ep. 9

The NK News Seoul team breaks down the historic China-North Korea summit

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 29, 2018

20,000 sanctions over the sea: N. Korea’s illicit networks – NKNews Podcast ep. 8

C4ADS's David Thompson discusses sanctions - and how the DPRK and its partners avoid them

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 26, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

FHRNK: Cold War agitprop in the age of social media – NKNews Podcast ep. 7

This week, Chad O'Carroll discusses a mysterious network spreading anti-North graphics on the net

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 19, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Diplomacy from down under – from Canberra to Pyongyang – NKNews Podcast ep. 6

This week, Dr. Adrian Buzo discusses his time as an Australian diplomat in North and South Korea

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 14, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Fire, fury and diplomacy: A breakthrough in Washington? – NKNews Podcast ep. 5

Andrei Lankov joins the Seoul team in analyzing upcoming Trump-KJU meeting

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 9, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Peace Olympics? Inter-Korean rapprochement at PyeongChang – NKNews Podcast ep. 4

This week, the NK News Seoul team delves into ongoing developments in DPRK-ROK relations

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 5, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

Frenemies? DPRK-Russia relations over the years – NKNews Podcast ep. 3

This week, Professor Georgy D. Toloraya discusses Moscow and Pyongyang's unique diplomatic history

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootFebruary 26, 2018
North Korea News Podcast

On thin ice: the U.S. and the two Koreas in PyeongChang – NKNews Podcast ep. 2

This week, we bring in members of our NK News team to weigh in on the happenings at PyeongChang

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootFebruary 15, 2018