June 17, 2019
June 17, 2019
What’s so funny about North Korea? NKNews Podcast ep.34
What’s so funny about North Korea? NKNews Podcast ep.34
Historian David Shuster explores humor, the limits of satire, and sex symbols in DPRK culture
August 27th, 2018

Month in Review

North Korean culture is, on the surface, a difficult pill to swallow. But beyond the goose-stepping soldiers and sobbing sycophancy lies a rich, deeply thought-out, and highly nuanced music, art and, in particular, film industry.

Dr. David Shuster, a historian of modern Korea at the University of Jerusalem, explains how the North Korean state uses comedy and humor in this cultural space, the influence of Hollywood, and how Marilyn Monroe became a symbol of revolutionary struggle against the bourgeoisie.

David Shuster’s research focuses on cultural politics, film and visual culture, and everyday history of the two Koreas during the Cold War period. His current book project, Laughing Angels, Crying Devils: Making Comedy in Postwar North Korea, examines the role of comedy and circus in North Korea’s domestic politics and its relations with the outside world.

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