July 16, 2019
July 16, 2019
Political risk and investment in North Korea – NKNews Podcast ep.26
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Political risk and investment in North Korea – NKNews Podcast ep.26
Three experts discuss foreign investments and the future of the DPRK market
July 2nd, 2018

Month in Review

With genuine reform and opening up being discussed seriously in policy circles in Seoul and elsewhere, what investment opportunities and risks exist in North Korea?

South Korean wealth managers are scrambling to take advantage of the recent détente between Pyongyang and Seoul, with land values in some places near the DMZ more than doubling in the span of a few weeks. Major companies like Samsung and Hyundai have already begun rounding up research teams to explore inter-Korean economic cooperation.

In this podcast, we learn from three Korea experts about the long-term prospects and the challenges that exist for genuine change in Pyongyang.

This week’s guests:

Dr. June Park is currently a research fellow at the Key Research Institute and Northeast Asia Center of Seoul National University.

Dr. Tony Michell has been involved in projects in North Korea going back to 1993, including assisting Western investment into the free economic zone of Rajin-Sonbong.

Dr. JR Kim is Director of Planning and Research at the South Korean Ministry of Unification (MOU)’s North Korean Human Rights Center. Formerly, he was an MOU spokesperson and its Director of International Cooperation.

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