April 20, 2019
April 20, 2019
Reporting on North Korea as a foreign correspondent – NKNews Podcast ep.20
Reporting on North Korea as a foreign correspondent – NKNews Podcast ep.20
Anna Fifield shares her experiences covering the DPRK - and what's changed since her first story
May 21st, 2018

Month in Review

Anna Fifield, now with the Washington Post, has been covering goings-on on the Korean peninsula on and off since 2004. Her story “Life under Kim Jong Un,” published late last year, was the first-ever story by the paper to run in both English and Korean, and sought to challenge the ‘Stalinist robot’ caricature of North Koreans so often found in other mainstream media outlets.

In this episode of the NK News Podcast, we talked to Fifield about the challenges associated with reporting on North Korea, how Kim Jong Un is a unique leader, and why the foreign policy field needs to get over its “manel” mindset.

Anna Fifield is a veteran journalist on North Korea and currently the Tokyo bureau chief for the Washington Post.

About the podcast: The “North Korea News Podcast” is a weekly podcast hosted exclusively by NK News, covering all things DPRK: from news to extended interviews with leading experts and analysts in the field and insight from our very own journalists.

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