April 20, 2019
April 20, 2019
It’s a trap! What past talks with N. Korea have taught us – NKNews Podcast ep.18
It’s a trap! What past talks with N. Korea have taught us – NKNews Podcast ep.18
Evans Revere discusses the upcoming U.S.-DPRK summit and Kim Jong Un's end-game
May 14th, 2018

Month in Review

Despite what appears to be a promising rapprochement between the two Koreas, North Korea’s scheduled dismantlement of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, and an upcoming summit between the POTUS and Kim Jong Un, to many this seems like a bad case of déjà vu.

So have we been here before, only to emerge with nothing to show for it? In this episode of the North Korea News Podcast, Evans Revere explains why we should be wary of the DPRK’s promises, his experience of past negotiations with Pyongyang, prospects for peace, and what North Korea ultimately hopes to gain from talks.

For decades one of the U.S. State Department’s top Asia experts, Evans J.R. Revere is currently senior advisor with the Albright Stonebridge Group, providing strategic advice to clients with a specific focus on North Korea, China and Japan. He is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow at Brookings. He has been working on Asia with a special focus on Korea for 49 years.

About the podcast: the “North Korea News Podcast” is a weekly podcast hosted exclusively by NK News, covering all things DPRK: from news to extended interview with leading experts and analysts in the field and insight from our very own journalists.

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Featured image: KCNA

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