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Ha-young Choi

Ha-young Choi

Ha-young Choi was an NK News correspondent based in Seoul. She studied Korean history, mainly focusing on modern Korean history at Korea University. Follow her on twitter @Hy_Choi0826


Indoctrination, finances motivate N.Korean defectors to attend rallies

North Koreans frequently favor conservative ideas, but resettlement process often pushes them to

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJuly 4, 2016

FATF expected to keep North Korea sanctions

Changes unlikely in light of U.S. 'money-laundering concern' designation

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 22, 2016

NIS rejects summons for 12 North Korean defectors

NIS indicates intent to send attorney in defectors' place; legal measures to prevent this lacking

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 21, 2016

North Korea has other dialogue options than Seoul: statement

Pyongyang could be looking to improve relations with Beijing, possibly Trump: expert

Ha-young ChoiHa-young Choi | JH AhnJune 17, 2016

N. Korean refugee in Russia gets temporary asylum on fourth try

Defector known only as Kim was granted a one-year refugee status

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 17, 2016

North, S.Korean labor unions start committee for soccer match

South Korea's unions communicated with the North via media reports

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 16, 2016

PUST trains N.Korean missile, nuclear, hacking experts: newspaper

S.Korean government is 'taking a close look' at the information from unnamed sources

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 14, 2016

Malaria increase linked to loss of inter-Korean cooperation

Seoul may be suffering the side-effects of stopping support for N.Korean anti-malaria efforts

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 14, 2016

North Korea may have 10 nuclear warheads: think tank

Imprecise calculations differ by organizations, countries; satellite imagery has limited accuracy

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 13, 2016

Why North Korean defectors got paid to protest

Defector-activist says payment was for defectors' 'welfare,' compensation for their 'hard work'

Ha-young ChoiHa-young ChoiJune 10, 2016
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