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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. He joined the company in 2018 after receiving a master's degree in international security and foreign policy from South Korea's Yonsei University. Follow him on Twitter.


Xi Jinping’s guesthouse in Pyongyang possibly new rapidly-built mansion complex

"Kumsusan Guesthouse" named in Chinese media may be new buildings across Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 20, 2019

ICRC granted UN exemption to deliver health, water project supplies to North Korea

International Committee of the Red Cross says DPRK capacity in these areas "remained precarious"

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 19, 2019

Sanctioned North Korean oil tanker spotted conducting relay ship-to-ship transfers

Footage represents third time An San 1 has been observed conducting STS transfers since March 2018

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 18, 2019
Expert Surveys

Kim Jong Un to host Xi Jinping for their first Pyongyang summit: experts react

What's on the agenda for the fifth Kim-Xi summit, and how will denuclearization talks be affected?

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 18, 2019

Russian Far East governor says region plans to import apples from North Korea

Two sides also exchanging delegations soon to explore tourism boost: Primorye gov. Kozhemyako

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 14, 2019

DPRK TV rebroadcasts Singapore summit documentary on one-year anniversary

Films of two meetings with Moon, Xi were not aired on their anniversaries, analysis shows

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 13, 2019

Chinese tourist numbers in North Korea surge as 1000-per-day limit enforced

Single-day total at DMZ recently doubled highest number recorded last year, source says

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 12, 2019

Bank Sputnik participated in Russian delegation to N. Korea last week: report

Sanctions exemptions previously given to Sputnik in the past for transfers to UN aid agencies

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 11, 2019

Construction on riverside towers, new university campus see progress in Pyongyang

From new to nearly complete, DPRK capital’s construction boom continues

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 10, 2019

Revealed: Evidence of Kim Jong Un university location, ties to tech industry

New construction also underway at Kim Jong Un National Defense University

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoJune 7, 2019