July 11, 2020

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North Korean agriculture under Kim Jong Un: quiet revolution or recognition of reality?

Analysis suggests the state increasingly recognizes property rights and private markets

Peter Ward April 10, 2018

Law and order: North Korea’s up-to-date Penal Code

The 2015 edition reveals how the DPRK continues to punish political and economic crimes

Fyodor Tertitskiy January 29, 2018

Crime and punishment: a brief history of North Korea’s penal code

What began as a clone of the Soviet system has developed to uniquely suit the DPRK's circumstances

Fyodor Tertitskiy January 25, 2018

What Donald Trump’s UN speech means for U.S. policy

Washington appears to be warning the international community that limited military options are being considered

Chad O'Carroll September 20, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Singapore firm still denies links to North Korea, despite new evidence

Evidence links Singaporean firms to bank, luxury shops and 24 floor department store in North Korea

Justin Rohrlich August 30, 2017

North Korea continuing to breach UN sanctions in Warsaw: investigation

Polish companies involved in rental agreements, evidence of links to embassy officials

Hamish Macdonald July 14, 2017

Guns, butter, and the Byungjin line in action? Pyongyang in April 2017

A strictly-controlled visit saw the state show off its developing economy, but contradictions abound in the DPRK

Chad O'Carroll June 13, 2017

Right to self-defense? International law and U.S. options against North Korea

In the first part of a series, we examine the international legality of American options against the DPRK

Tristan Webb March 31, 2017

In full: China’s new export restrictions to North Korea

New rules include prohibitions on dual-use items for conventional weapons

Admin NK News January 26, 2017

North Korea’s future and the growth of information access

In the third part of a series, we examine whether outside information could bring down the regime

Jieun Baek December 15, 2016
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