February 01, 2023

New cyberattack hits North Korea after hacker claims responsibility for outages

Researcher says attacks on internet servers are retaliation for DPRK phishing campaign against cybersecurity experts

A pseudonymous hacker who has claimed responsibility for the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against North Korean servers appeared to continue his campaign on Thursday morning, response logs monitored by NK News show. 

The cybersecurity researcher, who Wired magazine only identified by the pseudonym P4x, said he started disrupting servers hosted in the DPRK in retaliation after North Korean hackers targeted him just over a year ago in an attempt to steal information about unknown software vulnerabilities. He said that unpatched vulnerabilities in North Korean servers enabled him to launch a series of DDoS attacks that repeatedly took parts or all of the DPRK’s IT infrastructure off the internet.