May 24, 2022

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Construction near DPRK-China border bridge latest sign land trade may resume

Documents show work on customs facility continues as DPRK and China reportedly mull renewed freight operations

China appears to be moving forward with the construction of a land port on its side of the New Yalu River Bridge, according to recent bidding announcements, a development that aligns with reports that cross-border land trade may resume soon.

On Monday, Xintai Engineering Cost Consulting Co. Ltd. (丹东鑫泰工程造价咨询有限责任公司) published a bid for “competitive consultations on the supervision of the Dandong Port Construction Project,” referring to the New Yalu River Bridge Port Commercial and Logistics Zone (新鸭绿江大桥口岸商贸物流区), a key customs facility on the Chinese side of the bridge.