August 06, 2021

US and South Korea agree on ‘meaningful increase’ of Seoul’s defense share

Seoul’s contribution to defense cost-sharing expected to grow but exact amount still under wraps

The United States and South Korea agreed on a “meaningful increase” of Seoul’s contribution to the cost of American military support on the Korean Peninsula, the U.S. Department of State told NK News on Monday. The U.S. State Department and South Korea’s foreign ministry did not disclose how much more Seoul will have to pay or how long the accord will last. 

The deal was made in a face-to-face meeting in Washington D.C. between the U.S. State Department’s negotiator Donna Welton and South Korean counterpart Jeong Eun-bo, Seoul’s chief negotiator for the defense cost-sharing talks, according to South Korea’s foreign ministry. The two countries “are now pursuing the final steps needed to conclude the agreement for signature,” according to the U.S. State Department.