March 29, 2023

Feature-length commercials: N. Korean ideological dramas peddling products

How a drama centered on a mineral water factory set the stage for a new type of advertising

Imagine a drama where a pretty-looking fresh female graduate dreams about postgraduate studies in the field of culinary arts. Her father, however, insists she apply for a job at the local McDonald's. The girl reluctantly obliges her father’s will, whereupon she is invited into a fascinating world of the renowned corporation, in which professionals are working sleeplessly on the healthiest versions of burgers, superior to the menus of the best French restaurants.

While working shoulder-to-shoulder with her new colleagues, the girl meets her love: the offspring of a noble family, a prince in disguise who sees his life's mission as the further promotion of McDonald's burgers. Standing together, the young workers sing glory to McDonald's, which unifies hearts and fills their lives with meaning and challenge.