June 17, 2019
June 17, 2019
How did you get into the NK field? Subscriber interviews – NKNews Podcast ep.36
How did you get into the NK field? Subscriber interviews – NKNews Podcast ep.36
Three NK News subscribers share their own DPRK stories
September 10th, 2018

Month in Review

This week’s episode diverges a bit from our usual fare of expert interviews and roundtables.

The North Korea-watching community is comprised of diverse government and military officials, historians, researchers, NGO workers, curious individuals, and more.

And that also goes for NK News subscribers. For this segment, we wanted to learn more about the people who supported us from the very beginning – our NK News readers – and how they ended up in the field of DPRK studies in the first place.

So back in March, we asked readers to submit their own unique North Korea-related anecdote.

For this episode, three subscribers from London, Beijing, and Missouri call into our Seoul studio to discuss startup and investment culture in Pyongyang, the Moranbong Band, and how one trip inspired a reader to start his own blog.

*Congratulations to Kayemaye and Ivan Curtis for winning the July and August subscription giveaways! Please contact [email protected] to redeem your free subscription, with proof of your username identity. Each month, we’ll be choosing a lucky reviewer on iTunes to to win a FREE NK News subscription.

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