October 02, 2022

North Korea attacks Trump immigration policy, demands U.S. stop border wall

Rodong Sinmun editorial says Trump is "insulting refugees"

North Korean media has attacked Trump’s plans to build a border wall with Mexico and his 90-day travel ban executive order, demanding the U.S. stop its “inhumanity” and allow immigrants enter the country in an article published by a ruling party mouthpiece on Thursday.

“If a crime happens because of immigrants, and as if the number of jobless increases because of them… the U.S. is accusing them of being ‘terrorists’ and treating them like criminals,” an editorial published in Thursday's Rodong Sinmun said. “[The U.S. is] building the walls so that the immigrants can’t enter, and handcuffing those who are already in the U.S. to deport the immigrants.”