July 04, 2020

North Korea’s ‘Bulletproof Wall’ TV series oddly satisfying
Series is surprisingly entertaining, yet lacks modern filming technology international viewers’ may be accustomed to

If you were expecting a beautiful North Korean Khaleesi brutally slaying imperial Americans or Kim Il Sung climbing to the throne of power like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, you've come to the wrong place. But surprisingly, the storytelling in North Korea’s recent production Bulletproof Wall (Bangtanbyeok) is oddly satisfying and entertaining, despite the presence of a same ol’ Koreans vs.  Japanese imperialists plot.

Consisting of seven episodes, North Korea’s popular TV show is now available on DVD. Also, the pro-DPRK Chosun Sinbo newspaper has praised the series for creating something “totally new” in the realm of North Korean drama. According to Tongil NewsBulletproof Wall’s director Um Chang Gol said he had “revolutionized” the process of filming, acting and production.