S. Korea preparing for war, DPRK ambassador to Russia tells press

Ambassador warns S. Korea could spark "full-fledged war"
February 4th, 2014

South Korea is not responding to North Korea’s efforts for peace and is preparing for nuclear war, North Korean ambassador to Russia Kim Yong Jae said on Tuesday.

Speaking to a press conference in Moscow, the ambassador said that despite the DPRK’s efforts to push for peace, South Korea was still going ahead with annual joint Key Resolve and Foal Eagle military exercises which Pyongyang sees as preparations for an invasion of the North.

“Now that important proposals on stopping all slander campaigns have been published, North Korea has unilaterally stopped all campaigns and other actions that could irritate the South Korean administration,” the ambassador said in comments reported by Russia’s Interfax news.

He insisted that North Korea “has made a decision to be the first to take practical steps to fully stop all hostile military and other actions in the air, at sea, and on the military demarcation line, including in the problem areas around five islands in the Yellow (West) Sea”.

In particular the ambassador called on South Korea to halt its annual joint military drills with the United States, saying “we consider these exercises to be aggressive and dangerous because they from beginning to end constitute preparations for a nuclear war against North Korea and are conducted under the guise of defensive and annual training exercises.”

Similar to remarks made by other North Korean ambassadors to media in recent weeks, Kim warned that “the current situation on the Korean Peninsula is such that even an accidental armed conflict could cause a full-fledged war”.


The ambassador also used the press conference to explain North Korea was not opposed to the resumption of Six Party Talks on the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, saying that “we are not opposed to the launch of negotiations and a genuine discussion of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the region”.

“We are concerned that the hope for a resumption of the six-nation negotiations is fading away because of the invariably hostile U.S. policy towards our country; they are holding a policy of sanctions, thrusting unilateral dismantlement of the nuclear program on us and setting unfounded preconditions,” he was reported as saying by Interfax news.

“We do not object to the resumption of the negotiations but until the U.S. demonstrates its readiness to stop its hostile policy towards the DPRK, which is the primary source of the problem of the Korean Peninsula, we will never make unilateral progress on that”.

At the conference Ambassador Kim praised DPRK-Russian relations and economic co-operation, citing the successful construction and opening  of a railroad between Rajin (North Korea) and Hassan (Russia) and the building of gas and oil pipelines as evidence of the two nations’ positive ties.

Russia has in the past expressed interest in seeing a prompt resumption of the Six Party Talks, with President Vladimir Putin using a November 2013 visit to South Korea to call for their resumption “without preconditions”.

Putin made the suggestion during an in interview with the Korean Broadcasting Service (KBS), pointing out that the DPRK and Russia traditionally had good relations, which he described as an “advantage”.

“If we constantly set preconditions for the start of talks, they may never begin,” Putin said, “It seems to me that it would be better if the talks resumed and all the participants returned to the negotiating table and then resolved the issues that had brought them together”.

Russia and North Korea do have significant shared business interests, and Russia has in the past provided North Korea with diplomatic support, speaking out against the continued American presence on the Korean peninsula last year.

Picture : Wikimedia commons

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  • saveourmoney

    This may come as a shock to Ambassador Kim Yong Jae, but neither the RoK nor the US intend to invade the DPRK. I’m not privy to the actual strategic plans of either nation, but really, what would the RoK have to gain by invading?

    They (the RoK) would first have to fix the crumbling infrastructure of the DPRK. Billions for roads, electrical supply, water supply, sewer facilities, medical facilities. Then they’d have to bring their fellow Korean citizens up to the health, education, and cultural standards of the RoK. Decades of time and billions of Won. And then they’d have to engage in economic development. Ask the Germans how much it cost to integrate the two Germany’s. And did West Germany invade East Germany? No. But was it a wise long-term investment to unite the German people? Yes.

    So, Ambassador Kim, could you do us a favor and tone down the rhetoric? The joint military exercises are going forward and it’s a pity that it’s too late to throttle them back a bit or otherwise make them less threatening or less a propaganda opportunity for the DPRK. That being said, the exercises pose no threat to the DPRK or its people. Next year, if the RoK and US scale the exercises back, will the DPRK take the money spent on long range missile and nuclear research and spend it on fresh water and sewer infrastructure? Will it sell off one of Kim Jong Un’s yachts and put that money towards prenatal healthcare?

    Ambassador Kim, this saber rattling is silly and not befitting an educated and dignified people. Would you please take a step away from the ledge and talk sense to your fellow Koreans and the world?

  • Jacks Channel

    The DPRK is making this stuff. We don’t want their country and they know it.

  • JayDee

    I pray to my God in Heaven not to permit mass murder to start by destroying innocent lives in North and South Korea. I pray this is the time my God takes up His Power as promised in Revelation 16. At this time of action His wrath will be poured out on the ones devising and orchestrating this evil. I pray it is now before any more innocent blood is spilled. Before any more destitute people are made to experience further diabolical suffering.
    Let Your Kingdom Come Lord. Bring the evil down upon the heads of those who instigate evil on the innocent poor ones of the earth as promised. Amen!

    • Xavier

      JayDee, what has your God done for humanity?

      “this is the time my God takes up His Power as promised”. So if your God has the power to stop this, why hasn’t he stopped thousands of kids in poor countries from dying of hunger EVERY DAY? Why hasn’t he eradicated diseases, why hasn’t he stopped the Philippines hurricane that killed thousands of God-loving Christians?

      It’s about time you realize your God is either non-existent, powerless or doesn’t care about humanity.

      This is a news site, not a site for professing your love for an imaginary being.