September 27, 2021

North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons – Lankov

Few are brave enough to admit the obvious: North Korea is not going to abandon its nuclear weapons

For almost twenty years, ‘denuclearization’ has been the major demand of the United States and its allies when it comes to dealing with North Korea. This still remains the case, though with the passage of time there is a growing awareness of how unrealistic such demands are. Few within the diplomatic establishment are brave enough to admit the obvious: North Korea will not abandon its nuclear weapons. Whether we like it or not, North Korea is and is likely to remain a nuclear power.

The central reason why the North Korean government will not surrender its nuclear program is simple: it really needs nuclear weapons. Denuclearization will bring far more harm than good to the North Korean elite, and these people’s interests are all that really matter to decision-making in Pyongyang.