October 02, 2022

Event: My Homeland is North Korea

On August 6th the CEO of North Korea Intellectual Solidarity, Kim Heung kwan, addressed delegates participating in Sungkyunkwan University’s annual international forum known as Han On. The all student-organized event was designed as an international venue where participants could bond while learning about the country’s vibrant culture and various attractions. Kim’s talk titled “My Homeland is North Korea” was one of several types of sessions available to the participants. With the assistance of translators, Kim began by engaging the South Korean students in the audience saying that “unification will be owned by the younger generation” and that he has “no doubt that unification will come true” in their generation.

He then went on to talk about some possible scenarios for unification. It is generally accepted that the majority of college-aged South Koreans tend to view unification unfavorably due to the costs involved with developing the North. Kim recognized this and saw the lecture as an opportunity to mention a few benefits to unification rather than focusing on the costs. Two of the benefits he noted were an increase in the size of Korea’s territory as well as a better quality of life.