October 02, 2022

Chinese Foreign Policy Under Xi Jinping?

Future leader of China Xi Jinping remains something of a mystery in terms of the direction of Chinese internal and foreign policy after Hu Jintao, but many are hoping that this week’s trip to the United States will shed some light on to what we might be able to expect once he takes power this year.  However, despite a number of comments he has made and some of the reporting on his meetings, it is important to remember that throughout the year, Xi Jinping will be staying very close to the official line of Beijing's current President Hu Jintao.

Just as Xi-Jinping has been meeting with with current U.S. President Barack Obama this week, Chinese President Hu Jintao paid a visit to Washington DC to meet George Bush before taking up his position.  Hu's visit to Washington presented to the U.S. a man who was about to become leader of the world's fastest growing economy.  In a similar vein, Xi Jinping's trip is slated to reveal more about the mysterious man expected to take power of China next year.  Both China and Korea watchers will be looking for indicators about how Chinese foreign policy might look once he is in power and, most essentially, NK News viewers might wonder how he will address the problem of North Korea.