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Tatiana Gabroussenko

Tatiana Gabroussenko

Tatiana Gabroussenko obtained her PhD in East Asian Studies at the Australian National University. She is currently a professor of North Korean studies at Korea University, Seoul. Her latest book, "Soldiers on the Cultural Front: Developments in the Early History of North Korean Literature and Literary Policy," was included in the Choice magazine list of Outstanding Academic Titles of 2012.


No god but the supreme leader: North Korea’s crusade against Christian boogeymen

The DPRK views missionaries as a threat to state ideology, which functions like a religion centered on the Kim family

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJanuary 24, 2022

The cruel tales and emotional exhibitionalism of North Korean children’s shows

Programs teach kids to hate and fear the outside world while promoting the virtues of dying for one's country

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoNovember 26, 2021

Too good to be true: North Korean films that double as propaganda for the South

While aimed at discouraging defection, a pair of DPRK films counterproductively exaggerates South Korea’s wealth

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoNovember 12, 2021

Snake oil: North Korea peddles folk cures as a panacea for all ills

State media promotes traditional remedies as a substitute for modern medicine — but citizens don’t buy the hype

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoOctober 28, 2021

Jesters in the king’s service: Standup comedy in North Korea

Popular propaganda performers lampoon social vices, but their satirical barbs never stray toward dissent

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoOctober 6, 2021

Kids these days: North Korea calls on youth to emulate their virtuous parents

A North Korean radio drama gives important insights into growing generational divides inside the country

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoSeptember 13, 2021

When North Korean doctors stood up to the government against overwork

Medical doctors argued the Cheollima labor campaign would harm public health, but the regime responded with hostility

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJuly 28, 2021

North Korean serial ‘Echo of Hallasan’ spins Jeju massacre into tale of unity

The 2002 TV production showcases a shift in tone toward South Korea during the Sunshine Policy era

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJuly 7, 2021

Short satirical films are a window into North Korean society

The genre eschews big social topics in favor of humorous, entertaining critiques of everyday problems

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJune 21, 2021

A “New Spring” of culture in Kim Il Sung’s North Korea

Brief period of relaxed censorship produced rich literature like Chon Se Bong’s 1958 novel

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJune 9, 2021
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