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Tatiana Gabroussenko

Tatiana Gabroussenko

Tatiana Gabroussenko obtained her PhD in East Asian Studies at the Australian National University. She is currently a professor of North Korean studies at Korea University, Seoul. Her latest book, "Soldiers on the Cultural Front: Developments in the Early History of North Korean Literature and Literary Policy," was included in the Choice magazine list of Outstanding Academic Titles of 2012.


Unconverted political prisoners, and inter-Korean romance, in DPRK fiction

Stories based (very) loosely on the real-life repatriations of prisoners from South to North became popular in the 2000s

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJanuary 31, 2020

Changing narratives of adoption in North Korean mass culture

Following the famine of the 1990s, North Korean films increasingly promoted individuals adopting orphaned children

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoDecember 20, 2019

Shaking the people’s paradise: Ri Chung Gu’s subversive North Korean anti-heroes

Reflecting the changing times, one DPRK writer sought to portray more believable juche apostates

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoOctober 21, 2019

“Kings of the country”: growing up in North Korea isn’t always as bad as you’d think

Children in the DPRK enjoy more freedom and less mollycoddling from parents than kids in the West

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoSeptember 18, 2019

“Brothers”: the banned North Korean-Soviet film ruined by Juche politics

A jointly-produced movie, the first of its kind, showed just how strict the DPRK really was

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoAugust 13, 2019

Dangerous myths: why North Korean culture idolizes the Koguryo period

DPRK-made cartoons often distort historical reality and perpetuate nationalist falsehoods

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJuly 7, 2019

Domestic strivers as anti-heroines: household chores in North Korean movies

DPRK official culture long treated women's work at home as second class

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoMay 12, 2019

“Flames”: how an unusual tale of North Korean romance pushed the boundaries

Unrequited love and female-on-male harassment define this unique DPRK-made serial

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoMarch 20, 2019

Socialism with a human face? North Korea’s brief, but impactful, cultural “thaw”

DPRK official culture in the 1980s sought to encourage citizens to be more empathetic

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJanuary 28, 2019

Feature-length commercials: N. Korean ideological dramas peddling products

How a drama centered on a mineral water factory set the stage for a new type of advertising

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoDecember 18, 2018